Failure is Fertilizer for the Garden of Your Life

There are lots of titles I could use to tell my story — “Late Bloomer” is another example. Let’s begin by acknowledging how success has been defined for decades.

On the whole, success is measured by our net worth. …


Aquarius Full Moon: How have we intellectualized what the heart simply knows as truth?

Astro-Sound Oracle

United we stand, divided we fall. Truer words were never spoken. How do we unite? I can tell you that it won’t happen by micro managing every action or controlling every word spoken by the individuals who live in this country. It also won’t happen by trying to erase every deed done throughout history that might offend a segment of our population.

Are there faulty foundations? Absolutely. Has there been injustice and cruelty? Without a doubt. …

Jennifer Gehl

As an astrologer, musician, and author of two books on planetary science, Jennifer teaches “The Science of Living in Harmony”. Self is where it begins and ends.

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